An introduction to Statistics with Origami

Last updated on February 24th 2016

The idea

I know very well that statistics is not the most popular of subjects, which I'm sad about for many reasons. Above all because I love the subject, which undoubtedly has something to do with the fact that it reminds me of my youth, but in any event I can't understand why some people hate it.
Moreover I am convinced that, at the point that has been reached, science can't progress much further without statistics. I am quite sure of this in relation to medicine, genetics and physics; but this statement is probably true for any field of science, including psychology and sociology. Not least because most of things that could have been discovered ignoring uncertainty have already been discovered!

The project

I decided to find a way to offer an introduction to Statistics that was not too boring. Several years ago I thought of using Origami in teaching and from this came the idea of a booklet that introduced statistics with Origami. Obviously this is not a treatise, nor is it a complete book, but I think it can be used as an introduction to the subject, or it can be used as a basis for reflection or for going into the subject in greater depth, maybe with the help of a tutor.

What's new in Release 2

Release 1 was in Italian, so for English readers, everything is new!


You can download:

Printing (and reading)

The book is for A5 sized paper, or for A4 sized paper with 2 pages per sheet. It should be easy for a good printing shop to collate the pages into a booklet by printing the first and last pages together, the second page with the second to last page, and so on Ö
In this way with 2 staples you get a book.

This is not an e-book but the font size and the page layout should allow you to read the book on most e-book readers.

Some rights reserved

The book (and the website) is under Creative Commons Licence
which in practice means that:


Credits and dents

This book couldn't have been completed without the help of a lot of people: I hope I have remembered all of them in chapter11.
The book is free but if you liked it a lot an e-mail of thanks would be much appreciated.